Magic: The Gathering - Tactics developer vlog talks Planeswalkers


Don't front: there's a good chance you've played Magic: The Gathering, be it in middle school or yesterday afternoon. And everyone who's ever pivoted a Magic card on their index finger and whispered "You take three damage, coward," has to wonder: how cool would it be if these creatures came to life and decked it out? Okay, well, at least I've wondered that before.

Today, Sony Online Entertainment's strategy game Magic: the Gathering - Tactics shows off its five iconic Planeswalkers, masters of their respective elements, in a vlog by SOE. "...Vlog?" We're using that as a word, now? It sounds like a more painful "flog."

My personal favorite of the five Planeswalkers on display is the arrogant-but-adept Jace Beleren, the prodigal blue mage. Howbout yours?