Lords Mobile developer IGG takes the battle to coronavirus

(Image credit: IGG)

Lords Mobile has long been one of the rulers of mobile MMOs. The hit game, which recently celebrated its 4th birthday with a huge content update, knows a thing or two about fighting its way to the top, but the coronavirus pandemic of recent weeks has shown that there are more important battles in the real world right now than those on PC and phone screens.

And Lords Mobile developer IGG is doing its part to help.

Being headquartered in Singapore, IGG has provided assistance to the most affected areas by sending over 2,050,000 pieces of medical supplies, as well as mobilizing its other branches in frontline countries. 

IGG has been helping distribute masks to government agencies and charity organizations in the above countries, and the Italy team has been in touch with the national Chinese embassy to discuss epidemic prevention measures. 

Aware that the virus is moving fast, IGG is offering help where COVID-19 is yet to reach its peak. With the US bracing itself for the worst, IGG has been helping the country’s government agencies and organizations such as the City of Fremont Police Department, Kaiser Permanente Medical Group and Stanford Hospital.

It’s not just the recent global events that have pushed IGG into action either. Over the years, the developer has supported a number of charities, including Make-A-Wish International to whom they donated $100,000. Ever-grateful for the support they’ve received from the millions of people who have propelled their games to success, IGG is determined to do its part and give back to the world in its time of need.

(Image credit: I Got Games)

And as various countries around the world enforce tighter measures on keeping people safely locked away at home, it’s as good a time as ever to find a satisfying, rewarding game to pour some of that downtime into. Once you’ve rewatched your favourite TV shows and confirmed that no, there definitely won’t be any good sports events coming up in the near future, why not jump into Lords Mobile and see if it’s for you? It’s available on Steam, iOS and Android, so you can seamlessly play it between your phone and PC.

The kingdom-conquering MMO is not only a compelling game which sees you defend, expand and conquer medieval-fantasy-style kingdoms owned by millions of online players. It’s also a great social space where you can make new friends, and create memories with friends and family at a time when it’s very likely that you can’t see them face-to-face.

A free-to-play game, Lords Mobile is an MMO that works as both a casual experience and a more hardcore one, making it perfectly adaptable to however much time you have to spare. Being surrounded by endless worry and bad news takes its toll on the human spirit, and Lords Mobile is one way to give you a little rest from reality. 

Or maybe you don’t see lockdown as a time for gaming, and are instead busy helping out family or the local community. Whatever you’re doing out there, stay safe, stay indoors, and let’s see out this storm together (even as we’re kept apart).