Logitech G’s mouse & charging combo aims to change the game

Until now, the PC gaming hardware of choice for esports professionals and top-flight amateurs has been of the wired variety. In the past, the low latency and reliability of wired mice was the only way to ensure a player’s clicks would be immediately translated into on-screen action. A delay of only milliseconds could be the difference between victory and defeat.

Forget what you thought you knew about wireless gaming tech; Logitech G is rewriting the rules.

Logitech’s POWERPLAY and LIGHTSPEED technologies are bringing infinite power and super-responsive control to PC gaming without the inconvenience of cabling. The technology is already being used by esports professionals and now, serious gamers the world over will be able to reap the benefits.

POWERPLAY, uninterrupted gaming for power players

Any serious PC gamer will be only too aware of the nagging doubts that chip away at them at a critical moment during a MOBA encounter. In the heat of battle, they might get tangled up by the cabling of their wired mouse, or fall foul of a lack of power from their wireless hardware. 

Logitech G POWERPLAY technology eliminates such heat-of-the-moment problems.

How does it work?

POWERPLAY combines the freedom of wireless control with the confidence provided by reliable, infinite power.

It’s all about electromagnetic resonance. Science in action and seamless charging while gaming.

The first part of the process comes in the form of the POWERPLAY base that connects to your gaming mouse pad and a single USB port on your rig. This is the only bit of cabling in the mix.

This POWERPLAY base generates an electromagnetic energy field above the surface of the mouse pad.

The second part of the process is the POWERCORE module. A small, unassuming piece of kit that attaches magnetically to your POWERPLAY-compatible mouse.

When the two interact, the result is constant, reliable charging while at rest or during play. No wires, no downtime, no swapping out of batteries while your adversaries take advantage of your absence. Just uninterrupted play.   

LIGHTSPEED: Engineering the future of lightning-fast PC Gaming control

Everything you know about wireless gaming tech is wrong. LIGHTSPEED brings competition class responsiveness to your gaming without the wires.

Latency is a thing of the past as LIGHTSPEED technology translates your instructions into actions at a speed equal to, and often faster than, wired control options. A compatible Logitech mouse equipped with LIGHTSPEED technology is as fast as a some wired mice, and because it’s wireless, it offers unparalleled freedom when it comes to competitive gaming.

Esports professionals are already using the technology. North American pro-squads Team SoloMid (Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg and Peter "Doublelift" Peng)  and  Cloud9  (Timothy “Autimatic” Ta) have achieved enormous success in the esports arena dominating the likes of Vainglory, League of Legends, DOTA 2 and CS:GO. Logitech’s wireless hardware is already playing a part in their continued success.

A wireless solution, tailored to you

Logitech G has been engineered to fit the needs, and cosmetic desires, of any serious gamer.

POWERPLAY gaming mouse pads are available with hard and cloth surfaces, depending on your preference. The POWERPLAY logo is illuminated in brilliant RGB color, which you can customize using the Logitech Gaming Software and coordinate with your Logitech gaming mice, keyboards and headsets. There are 16.8 million colors to play with which should be ample for any PC gaming aesthete. 

POWERPLAY gaming mouse pads also come with LIGHTSPEED technology built into the base to allow convenient pairing with a compatible mouse, allowing you to use the mouse without having a separate dongle plugged in. To pair, you simply turn the mouse off and then on while it is in the pairing mode. POWERPLAY is in pairing mode the first time it is taken out of the box, or it can be put into pairing mode with Logitech Gaming Software.

There are two LIGHTSPEED equipped and POWERPLAY compatible mice on offer, the G903 and G703.

Both options have a range of features to complement your gaming style and enhance your performance.

Left and right mouse buttons use metal springs to create advanced button tensioning that reduces the amount of pressure needed to trigger an action.

They also incorporate the PMW3366 Gaming Optical Sensor, which is generally regarded as the best gaming mouse sensor on the market.

The mouse buttons are fully customizable and in addition, the G903’s innovative ambidextrous design features removable side buttons.

Now for a limited time you can enter for a chance to win a new G903 mouse and POWERPLAY system from Logitech G.

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