Light-and-dark platformer Contrast looks appropriately shady in these screenshots

Ah—it's good to catch up with Contrast again, especially after the swank cabaret show that was its first trailer . Now the indie platformer's venturing out of the dark again, this time with a handful of screenshots demonstrating its vaudevillian flair.

More plot details have been revealed, too. You'll play Dawn, a rosy-cheeked "imaginary friend" who inhabits a universe fueled by the hyperactive imagination of a nine-year-old girl called Didi. Despite the obvious conundrum posed by this premise— how can you play as someone who doesn't exist? —you'll still get to bounce through this world, utilizing shadow as platforms in a way that no mere real person can, switching between the light and shadow worlds as you see fit.

It's a uniquely conceptualized platformer with what looks to be a wining aesthetic. Contrast slides into the spotlight sometime "this year."