LG launches a 32-inch IPS monitor with FreeSync support for $349

LG is making it relatively affordable to buy a big display for gaming, as evidenced by its latest entry, a 32-inch class (31.5 inches) monitor (32QK500-W) with FreeSync support. It's priced at $349.99 on LG's website.

It's built around an IPS panel with a 2560x1440 resolution. In theory, it should offer better image quality than a monitor with a TN panel, though it comes at the expense of speed—in this case, you're looking at a 75Hz refresh rate and 8ms response time (gray-to-gray).

Neither of those are overly impressive, though serviceable for gaming at 60 fps. That's assuming you have the hardware to keep up, of course. AMD Radeon GPU owners stand to benefit the most, courtesy of FreeSync, to smooth out gameplay.

Input options include dual HDMI ports, a DisplayPort, a mini displayPort, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. There are not built-in USB ports (boo!) or speakers (meh).

As attractive as $349.99 sounds for a 32-inch IPS display with FreeSync, we suspect (hope) it might go for less when it reaches retailers like Amazon and Newegg. It would need to, in order to become a compelling buy. LG's model is going up against a couple of cheaper options, namely Acer's ET322QU (on sale for $199.99 after using coupon code EMCERES35 at Newegg) and AOC's Q3272VWFD8 (on sale for $229.99 at Amazon).

Paul Lilly

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