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Legendary adventurer Lara Croft swings into action in Tomb Raider now on NVIDIA SHIELD

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Tomb Raider, the thrilling reimagining of Lara Croft’s origin story, is now available to enjoy on NVIDIA’s SHIELD family of devices, including SHIELD Android TV, with a GeForce NOW Membership. GeForce NOW is free to try out for new members for the first 90 days and just $7.99 a month after that.

In Tomb Raider, players will discover and play out Lara Croft’s gripping origin story before she became the tomb raiding adventurer we’re all familiar with today.

At the start of the game Lara is a fresh-faced archaeology graduate who has been researching the mythical island of Yamatai and believes she might have some idea as to its whereabouts. As a result, she is recruited by an expedition party keen to find the place once ruled over by a powerful queen with the ability to control the weather.

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After a devastating storm shipwrecks the party on the island, Lara is separated from her fellow explorers and has to relocate them while attempting to survive the island’s many hazards, including Yamatai’s less-than-friendly inhabitants. It’s storytelling on a cinematic scale with sharp scripting, fascinating characters and spectacular set-pieces.

Another reason Tomb Raider is such a brilliant game is because it marries new features with classic Tomb Raider gameplay elements. Now Lara is able to run, jump, climb, fight and zipline around the environments more seamlessly than before. Combat is a pleasing combination of ranged weapons, hand-to-hand combat and stealth killing.

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In addition, Tomb Raider features an open-world map. As well as playing through the single-player campaign, Lara is free to travel around taking part in side-missions and this is where the series’ traditional gameplay elements make an appearance. Side-missions take place in tombs where Lara is called upon to make her way through elaborate and ancient architectural structures, avoiding traps and solving physical puzzles. It’s vintage Tomb Raider, but slicker and more visually spectacular. Yamatai island is beautiful and forbidding as it features lush jungles and dramatic rocky outcrops that are lashed by merciless storms.

If you own a NVIDIA SHIELD, there’s no better time to discover how Lara Croft became a legend by streaming Tomb Raider on GeForce NOW.

By Andy Dyer

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