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Kojima meets Norman Reedus for 'update'

Silent Hills
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Look, I know I'm skirting the definition of 'news' here, but allow yourself to indulge your hype-fuelled inner child for a moment and have a gander at Hideo Kojima's latest tweet, then I can go back to telling you about release dates and improbable feats in Dark Souls (opens in new tab).

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Yes, Kojima is a master of publicity and the bane of Konami PRs, but he could be teasing an actual thing as opposed to his own Kojima-brand mystique. Norman Reedus, as you will likely know, was the star (opens in new tab) of Kojima-Guillermo Del Toro horror spectacular Silent Hills before it was canned (opens in new tab). That implosion caused Del Toro, in an interview with Playboy (opens in new tab), to swear off making games for good, "otherwise, I’ll join someone and his house will explode, or something."

However, in two days' time, on February 18, Kojima and Del Toro will be holding a joint talk (opens in new tab) at the DICE Awards, purportedly to revisit fond memories. Could the proximity of Kojima's catch-up with Reedus be coincidence? Calculated PR stunt? First hints at a revived Silent Hills-alike which doubles as a calculated PR stunt?