Hood: Outlaws & Legends reveals its take on the Robin Hood character

Hood: Outlaws & Legends is a multiplayer medieval heist game built around the story of Robin Hood, in which assorted gangs of merry men compete to rob from the rich and give to the poor, or maybe keep the haul for themselves—this is a modern retelling of the tale, after all, and so as you'd expect it's dark, gritty, and plenty violent. Even so, I think it actually looks pretty good—kind of like a cross between Hunt: Showdown and For Honor.

The first character overview trailer released today takes a closer look at the Ranger, appropriately a class based on the legendary folk hero himself. The Ranger is a sniper/scout character who specializes in stealth, speed, and taking down enemies from a distance. Rather than blocking attacks (they're clearly not very well armored), Rangers rely on dodging to evade damage; they can also use their bow as a melee weapon when things get sticky, although it doesn't appear to be very effective in the role. A well-aimed headshot, on the other hand, looks to be an instant killer.

Rangers can also provide effective support for teammates by shooting down climbing ropes and tagging enemy characters, while flash bombs and incendiary arrows provide noisier tactical options that Thief fans might find familiar. Further customization options can be had through unlockable perks.

Hood: Outlaws & Legends is set to come out on May 10, and will offer three seasonal battle passes over the course of its first year. For a closer look at what it's all about, you can sign up for a shot at access to the closed beta at beta.hood-game.com.

(Image credit: Sumo Digital)
Andy Chalk

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