Hitman outlines October plans, will reveal 'brand new content' later this month

IO Interactive has outlined what's coming to Hitman this month, and asks players to "save the date" for an announcement on October 24.  

By way of ten Featured Contracts, the 'Master Scarecrow' Challenge Pack, and a further ten player-made Curated Contracts, the bald butcher has his work cut out for him over the next few weeks. The first two of those three will land on October 13, which marks the first Colorado-based Challenge Pack, while the third is expected "later in October".  

Alongside the roadmap, IO says it'll reveal some new Agent 47-related stuff on October 24. "That’s the date when we will reveal brand new content for the game," says this update post. "We’re going to let the announcement itself do all the talking, but there is one thing we want to clarify before then; this upcoming content is not 'Season 2'. We’re saying that now to keep expectations in check."

Keep your eyes peeled, then, and we'll report back two and half weeks' time.