Here's what you can expect from Rainbow Six Siege's new season

Rainbow Six Siege's latest season is upon us, titled Crystal Guard, it's looking to shake things up with new content, revamps, map reworks and balancing. If you are looking for a good reason to jump back into Ubisoft's tactical shooter, now might just be the right time.

The season is headed up by the game's 61st operator, Osa. The new attacker gives the offensive side of things a new bulletproof option, with her Talon-8 acting as a see-through shield that can be moved around as you see fit. You can carry it on your body to look after yourself, or it can be used on windows and floors, giving you a bulletproof pane of glass to work around.

However, it's not just Osa being shuffled into the roster. Crystal Guard will bring with it a bunch of new map revamps. The Bank, Clubhouse and Coastline have seen work to create a more balanced playing field. Bank has seen work on its skylights, vehicles back alleys to make entering less obnoxious. Clubhouse will see all of its windows able to be barricaded and the exterior wall in the VIP lounge is now breakable. Coastline new props and even bomb sites for players to jump in and learn all about.

There are also operator balances coming to help shift some power levels around. IQ gets a decent bump with changes to her Electronics Detector, which is now equipped with the Ping System 2.0. This allows her to identify and ping electronic devices through walls, including those held by Operators.

Fuze is seeing an interesting buff. Cluster Charge can now be deployed on reinforced surfaces. However, when passed through a reinforced surface, the grenades will take a little longer to deploy. Twitch is also seeing a little work as now she drives a standard drone during the preparation phase and her Shock Drone is equipped during the Action Phase.

Mute is also getting a little touch as his Signal Disruptor is now spherical and is displayed for 2.5 seconds after deployment is complete.

If you are one for operator fashion there is a small quality of life change coming too as you can now equip any headgear with an elite uniform and vice versa. Of course, this will be supported by new cosmetic items that will come on the new Battle Pass. 

Crystal Guard is launching today on all platforms, so if you have Siege, why not jump in and check out the new changes for yourself?