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Hellraid developers show off 20 minutes of monster murder in new gameplay video


Techland recently took to for a lengthy session of Hellraid that covered the entirety of the game's first level. Did you miss it? Not to worry, because the whole thing is now up on YouTube.

Have I mentioned that I'm a big fan of Dark Messiah of Might and Magic ? Probably, and probably also that it's why I'm so looking forward to Hellraid. The blend of gorgeous levels, basic character development and hordes of monsters to creatively clobber may not be the most sophisticated formula ever, but sometimes—like, say, when you're laying an axe into a dude's face—simplicity is better.

And in case there's any confusion as to exactly what type of game this is, let presenters Mike and Paul clarify the situation with a demonstration of a magical lightning staff. It doesn't just shock enemies, it actually blows off their arms and legs, because, as they put it, "The idea here is to make sure that even magic users have some fun with dismemberment." I was also heartened to see that it's possible to shove guys off of bridges and other precipices. Shades of Dark Messiah, indeed.

Hellraid is slated to launch next year, but will be available to PC gamers this fall on Steam Early Access.

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