Half Past Fate is a heartwarming rom-com adventure

Half Past Fate
(Image credit: Serenity Forge)

I think we're all in need of a little pick-me-up and, for me, that has come in the form of the lighthearted comedy Half Past Fate a game that has gently plucked at my heartstrings.

Serenity Forge's lighthearted romantic adventure focuses on a cast of colourful characters on their journey to finding love in small, unexpected ways. It's wholesome and super heartwarming—like drinking a cup of cosy Earl Grey tea.

Half Past Fate is structured as a handful of chapters where you control one of the six characters as they go about their daily lives. These scenes hop from one person's story to the next, sometimes jumping days and even years since the last one. They begin as adorable meet-cute scenarios and then blossom into something more as you follow how these six characters get to know each other over the course of eight years. 

(Image credit: Serenity Forge)

Half Past Fate is full of moments of cute comedy rather than a full-on gushy romance. There's one moment where a character accidentally spills coffee on a handsome stranger in a rush to get to her important business meeting, and it then turns out that the cute coffee guy is the investor that she's meeting with —who could've guessed? It's a scene that would fit perfectly into a Love Actually.

Straightforward fetch quest puzzles, endearing moments, and a bubble-gum pixel art pallet make Half Past Fate a fun and breezy game. Exploring the colourful world with an upbeat soundtrack is like seeing the world through the rosy lens of someone in love. It's the perfect relaxing game and if you're after more games of the same cosy nature, check out our list of the most relaxing games on PC

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