Gunpoint level editor revealed, trailer within

Gunpoint , the indie stealth-puzzler from Suspicious Developments , is to launch with a level editor it was announced yesterday. The game sees you infiltrate secure office complexes to steal data, using snazzy gizmos to rewire the building's electrics and using your less snazzy - but no less effective - fists to punch guards repeatedly in the head. It's made by Tom Francis , who usually sits about three metres away from me in the PC Gamer office, looking contemplative and intellectual even when he's secretly browsing amusing dog gifs .

The level editor has been an often requested feature, says Tom, and its addition should ensure that players continue to wring emergent possibilities from the games' complex interconnecting systems, while he reclines into a bed of money, laughing and laughing and laughing. He also says it's a bit friendlier to use than Game Maker's own tools, with which Gunpoint was initially built, and allows an instant transition between game and edit modes, automatically wires up the levels, autosaves and produces files that are typically no bigger than a single kilobyte. Here's the man himself to talk you through it:

No news yet on exactly when it'll launch, though. Whenever we ask Tom, he pulls up the collar of his brown mackintosh, dons a Fedora and hurls himself through the nearest piece of plate glass. We've stopped asking him now.