Grab a free Steam key for Bell Ringer

Bell Ringer

We have 150,000 Steam keys to give away for Bell Ringer, an exuberant player-vs-player arena battler starring tiny medieval knights with big weapons. In local and online scraps five characters utilise their six special attacks to variously blitz, squash, immolate and decapitate each other in dark, gothic environments. Grab a key, get your friends to grab a key, and then butcher each other senseless for hours. Or take on the AI to learn the ropes. Our treat.

We're running this giveaway in association with Bundle Stars, who have just launched the All Stars Bundle 6 with 10 Steam games for $1.99. The bundle features Lichdom: Battlemage, theHunter: Primal, Contagion and more. Beware: the price is set to rise in 72 hours.

To claim your Steam key follow the instructions in the widget below. May the best sword/scythe/knife warrior win.


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