Get an LG 29-inch ultrawide Full HD IPS monitor for $210

It seems that LG is trying to unload inventory of its 29-inch ultrawide 29UM58-P, or at least its retail partners are. This monitor was on sale last month at Best Buy, and now BuyDig is offering it a discount through eBay.

The sale price isn't quite as good this time around—$210 instead of $200, but shipping is free and you're on the honor system to report the purchase and pay sales tax. So...yeah.

LG's 29UM58-P offers up a 2560x1080 resolution at 75Hz. That gives you lots of horizontal screen real estate to play with, though not as much vertical space as a 1440p display.

This one uses a 6-bit IPS panel with Frame Rate Control, which LG advertises as 8-bit. Frame Rate Control is a temporal dithering technique that cycles between different color shades with each new frame to simulate an intermediate shade. In this way, monitor makers can tout a higher number of colors than what is natively supported—in this case, 16.7 million.

The 29UM58-P offers 99 percent coverage of the sRGB color space. It also has a rated 250 nits brightness, 5ms response time, and viewing angles of 178 degrees (horizontal and vertical).

Other features include two HDMI 2.0 inputs, picture-in-picture (PIP) support, a game mode, and the ability to tilt the display from -5 to 20 degrees.

Even though this purchase goes through BuyDig's eBay account, the company says it is an authorized LG dealer and that the monitor comes with a warranty.

You can purchase the LG 29UM58-P here.

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