GeoGuessr turns Google Street View into a game of investigative orienteering

It's Friday afternoon, which - if you're reading this in the right timezones - means it's time to kick back, let your work-rate slow to a crawl and enter Weekend Chill-Out Mode. At least, that's what's happened to the PC Gamer office, where the existence of GeoGuessr has sent us into a competitive flurry of locational sluething.

Here's how it works: the game plops you into a Google Street View of a random location. From there, you can click around, travelling down roads and looking at landmarks and signs, trying to piece together where in the world you're exploring. Once sure of your location, you pick a spot on the world map in the top corner. The more accurate your geographical guesswork, the higher the score, with your five-round total providing the easy-to-share competitive marker for others to beat.

Admittedly, some locations are easier to place then others:

Where the actual hell?

Where the actual hell?

Head to to start playing. Currently, your score to beat is 10542. Just don't cheat by Google searching the name of whatever village street you're deposited in.

Phil Savage

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