GeForce Now officially launches in Australia next week

Geforce now interface
(Image credit: Nvidia)

Australia will get official GeForce Now support starting next week, following a successful beta phase. Launching on Tuesday, October 19, the service will come in two varieties: 'Basic' is free and offers a "limited version" of GeForce Now, while 'Priority' will set you back AU$20 a month and offers ray tracing, extended play sessions, and queue priority. That price is available for a limited time, and on a 12-month subscription comes down to AU$18 a month.

The service is powered by Australian internet service provider Pentanet, but it'll operate just like GeForce Now does elsewhere. It's not a streaming service like Xbox Cloud. You need to own a game already—on Steam, the Epic Games Store or GOG, to name a few—but in theory, with the Priority subscription, you should be able to get better performance on those games via streaming if you're running an older system.

How the 'Basic' package will be limited is unclear, and likewise, the Priority pricing is limited but there's no word on what it'll cost in the future. But if you buy in now and don't let your subscription lapse, you can keep paying AU$20 / AU$18 a month forever. That offer opens today at 5pm AWST / 7pm AEST on

It's possible all that and more will be laid out during a Pentanet-hosted livestream this evening, which you can watch on YouTube. It kicks off at 5pm AWST / 7pm AEST.

Australia is generally considered a backwater when it comes to internet speeds and general infrastructure quality, but the streaming services are coming: Xbox Cloud Gaming launched out of beta a fortnight ago, though Google Stadia and PlayStation Now are both still no-shows. 

Shaun Prescott

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