Forget Prime Day, Criterion's 50% off sale is the real steal today

Criterion sale
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Forgive me, PC gamers, for bringing a deal to your attention that has nothing to do with PC gaming. I've spent much of the day browsing Amazon to find the Prime Day PC deals that are actually worth your attention, but what I wanted to be doing was scrolling through the Criterion Collection library, because today is a special day: for 25 hours, everything Criterion sells is 50% off. It's a 24 hour flash sale, so these deals won't last long.

The Criterion Collection is known for producing pricey, but lavish, disc releases of acclaimed movies, usually with tons of extras that movies rarely come with anymore. They often include new and archival interviews, audio commentary from film scholars or directors, and film-to-digital restorations that look far better than older transfers.

Most exciting, Criterion recently started updating its library to include 4K Blu-rays. There are only 24 so far, but there are some greats on that list already. Why spend time arguing about the Citizen Kane of videogames when you could watch the Citizen Kane of movies in 4K UHD?

Everything in the Criterion Collection is 50% off, from 4K discs down to old DVDs. This strikes me as an especially good time time grab some of Criterion's extra deluxe collections, like: 

If you have a Blu-ray drive in your PC or run your own Plex server, this is kinda sorta a PC-related sale. But honestly, I think Criterion is missing a trick by not having a single videogame movie in its collection. The Super Mario Bros. live action film starring Bob Hoskins? That's art, man. The Castlevania Netflix series? Okay, not a movie, but still: Criterion-worthy. Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture? Not a masterpiece, but I guarantee you it's better than Armageddon, and that's somehow in the Collection. Games will get their artsy film collection due someday.

The Criterion Collection 50% off flash sale is running now, and ends at 9 am PST on Wednesday. 

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