Folky survival RTS game Gord has crept onto Steam

Man praying in Gord
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Even during the daytime, these deep woods carry an air of menace. Yes, they provide lumber to turn into homes, animals to provide food, and other provisions from nature's bounty, but there are also ancient, inscrutable forces at work; distant, dark figures gliding among the trees and ill magic in the air, all of which chip away at the sanity and health of your all-too-human villagers.

Inspired by the myths and tales of Slavic folklore, Gord is a dark fantasy strategy game that's as much about managing your people as it is gathering resources and fending off threats lurking in the darkness. You, a King’s steward, are charged with assisting a community known as the Tribe of the Dawn to find a path through these broken and dangerous lands.

Gord developer,, is an indie studio founded by former producer on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Stan Just, so the story is rich with life and full of impactful, human moments. The people in this game aren't just 'units,' but fully fleshed out characters, each with their own needs, weaknesses, and familial relations. One of your tribespeople may be proficient in gathering resources, while another may be adept in hunting and would be well served in an exploration party delving further into the woods. You'll need to get to know these people, listen to their stories, and take care of their needs to have a flourishing society.

The main village in Gord

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Just like in life, characters in Gord live and die, and go through their ups and downs. Illness can tear through your community, and death is inevitable—be it through old age or, more likely, at the hands of some foul creature born of the forest. Your people will be affected by these events, and it's up to you to keep their health in check and their spirits high against any encroaching evil. Give them a place to drink, encourage them to pray to their gods, and you'll quickly find that they're more resilient than you'd think.

Each member of Tribe of the Dawn are both hardy and capable. Train warriors among them, and channel their faith into powerful incantations that can turn the tide on the forces besieging you. Pray and call on the gods themselves with powerful incantations to help you face down your enemies. ‘God Ray’ will allow you to smite down your foes, or call upon a flock of birds with ‘pestilence’ as they fly and explode into wildfolk and monsters alike by your command. 

Throughout your journey, you'll be faced with a myriad of quests and challenges, presented through rich, hand-drawn pictures; host a ritual to invoke the challenge of a god, or investigate reports of dangers that threaten your people’s peace of mind and fragile sanctuary.

Ritual event in Gord

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Upon launch, Gord will feature a 10-20-hour campaign immersing you in the Tribe of the Dawn's twisted tale of survival, while a ‘Custom Scenarios’ mode will allow for a more open-ended experience where you will be able to play one of seven scenarios with procedurally generated levels and tailor your experience with parameters such as your main objective, starting party, the severity if the weather and even the kinds of enemies you'll face. Each quest builds the lore within Lysatia and is yours to tackle if and when you see fit.

Gord launches August 17 on Steam and GoG for $35/£30. If you're a fan of rich, dark fantasy worlds, a Deluxe Edition ($40/£40) also bundles in the game’s official soundtrack, a gorgeous digital art book, and a bonus scenario for the game’s Custom Scenarios mode. 

A hunting party in Gord

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Gord is out now on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. To keep up to date, follow it on Instagram and Twitter, or join the community on the game's Discord channel.

Are you ready, wanderer? The Tribe of the Dawn awaits.