Farming Simulator 2013: Mortal Kombain, the future of eSports?

Mortal Kombain

As if Farming Simulator 2013 wasn't hardcore enough already, user Chentzilla on Indie DB has devised a deathmatch mode for the agricultural odyssey's multiplayer that could rock the foundations of competitive gaming. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you... Mortal Kombain .

The idea is pretty simple. You kit out one of the game's vehicles, none of which are designed for combat, with one of the many attachments that are also not designed for combat. Then you take a swig of moonshine, kick it into gear, and try to knock that so-called cultivator of an opponent on the other side of the bridge into the drink for a nice, cold glass of humility. "Mortal Kombain is what I call a "null-mod" – a set of rules which requires no modification of the original game," Chentzilla explains. "In four words, this is front loader sumo fighting."

If you think you've got what it takes to destroy thousands of dollars of farming equipment for about a minute of amusement, the video above should show you all you need to know. The only rule is: THERE ARE NO RULES!