Far Cry 5's weirdest, wildest, funniest moments

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Far Cry 5 puts people, weapons, wild animals, and physics in a sandbox, shakes up that sandbox, then puts that sandbox back down where it's immediately attacked by a cougar and run over by a speeding truck which then explodes. Things happen, in other words, as enemies, friends, and wildlife constantly overlap in the hectic, unpredictable game world.

Below (and above) we've collected the weirdest and wildest moments we've seen from Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5 in a Nutshell

The above clip has it all. A gunfight. A friendly bear. Several rampaging moose on the highway. A car hitting a rampaging moose, then being possessed by Satan. A moose stuck in a tree. A van hitting another moose, and that moose being punched repeatedly in the ass before taking revenge on the player. The friendly bear killing the moose but then being trapped behind the moose corpse and therefore unable to save the player. That's Far Cry 5, and that kind of stuff happens every few minutes.

Hitch a ride

Seems like a simple enough task. There are cargo trucks with ramps in the back. There's enough space for an ATV. Why not drive the ATV into the truck and drive away with it? YouTuber Maxament had a bit of a hitch while trying to hitch a ride.

Helicopter Parkour

It's a talented chopper pilot that can dive into a barrel-rolling chopper—which hasn't even taken off yet—and somehow still manage to fly.

What the elk?

This clip from Dimitri Wu on YouTube shows an caribou teleporting, winking in and out of existence, and occasionally being sucked into a mini-black hole that seems to reside in its abdomen. I don't know, man. Maybe caribou are magic, maybe it's just something in the water.

Batter up

With so many weapons, it's easy to forget there's a second inventory screen where you can craft and use potions. Combine a speed boost with a melee boost, and turn a baseball bat into the perfect moose-hunting weapon.

Big ups

I'll say this for the death cult: some of their members have tremendous leg strength. They might be a bit tightly wound, though. They hear one little gunshot and they just jump.

Gettin' FarCry'd

MrOwnageQc posted a video to Reddit, in which he used the phrase 'You just got FarCry'd', which is a pretty good way to put it when you're attempting to do one thing, such as shoot the driver of an approaching truck, and something else happens, such as a cougar suddenly pouncing on you. In other words, the game can suddenly and unexpectedly screw you over, as it does here to MrOwnage.

It's hard to be mad at Far Cry 5, though, as the game screws everyone else equally. In the above video, TheStagGamer attempts to rescue a civilian from some cultists. Unfortunately, the civilian (and the cultists) get FarCry'd themselves.

Or in the clip above, taking down the final helicopter after a lengthy assault by cultists. Job's done, got the 'all clear' on the radio. But we're not all clear, not if Far Cry 5 has something to say about it.

As we can see above in a video from MKMTwists, even moose aren't immune from being FarCry'd. Granted, this moose was being a real dickweed.

Head wound

Ever get a nosebleed that takes forever to stop? This is a bit like that, only 1,000 times worse. 

Stealth surgery

Not everything in Far Cry 5 involves crazy animals and vehicles that won't behave. There's also the potential for some skilled stealth outpost liberation, and no one does it better than SteathGamerBR. Sit back and watch the master at work.

Rocket ain't in a rush

Look, just because it's a rocket doesn't mean it needs to be in a hurry about everything. This is Montana, not Los Angeles. Slow down and enjoy the scenery.

Turkey Terminator

In a game filled with rampaging bears, cougars, bison, and wolverines, you might not expect a turkey to be an unstoppable killing machine. You'd be wrong, naturally.

Shovel stuff

We've paid homage to Far Cry's shovel, the finest weapon in the game and one that even has a little happy face because it knows it's a good little shovel. I haven't gotten tired of throwing it at things yet, and above (also on YouTube) you can watch me fill a car with shovels as if its a pincushion. For some reason, the shovels all land on their handles, giving me a happy-faced passenger as I speed away. 

Then things get weird.

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