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Fallout 4 texture mod brings stunning synths to the wasteland

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Some of the best Fallout 4 mods (opens in new tab) apply new textures, shaders and dynamic shadows to the Boston Commonwealth. Fuse00's Synths Revamped (opens in new tab) makes the wasteland's automaton wanderers way prettier than before. 

With new 4K face, body, eyes, and teeth textures for synths, Synths Revamped draws from Detroit: Become Human to craft gorgeous cyborgs that look like this:



And this:

Moreover, here's the mod's creator—who's also responsible for Ghouls Revamped (opens in new tab)—talking us through how it works:

As outlined there, the mod includes a reworked, sexier version of Nick Valentine. That looks like this:


More information on all of the above, and installation instructions for Synths Revamped lives on its Nexus Mods page (opens in new tab)