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Explore & hack Watch Dogs 2’s stunning recreation of San Francisco

The hotly anticipated sequel to Watch Dogs finally hits PC on November 29. Building on the hacking-themed, open-world gameplay the original game was acclaimed for, Watch Dogs 2 presents players with a sprawling recreation of San Francisco to explore. What better setting to place a hacker-themed adventure than the tech capital of the world?

In addition to Watch Dogs 2’s new high-tech SF setting, its storyline also focuses on a new protagonist named Marcus Halloway. When Halloway is falsely implicated as a criminal by the new ctOS 2.0 operating system, he must join forces with DedSec to shut down the software and clear his name.

San Francisco’s iconic landmarks and city streets have been recreated in the game with a striking level of detail. And as Halloway, players can put their hacking prowess to good use by manipulating just about everything in the city from vehicles and aerial drones to security bots and even 3D-printed weapons. 

Watch Dogs 2 also takes advantage of modern PC hardware, especially if you’re playing on a GeForce GTX-powered machine (such as one equipped with a GTX 1080). It features support for NVIDIA-exclusive features including HBAO+ Ambient Occlusion, HFTS, PCSS, and Ansel. All of these combined with a next-generation GeForce graphics card makes the PC the platform of choice for Watch Dogs 2.

If your hardware is due for an upgrade to take advantage of Watch Dog 2’s next-gen visuals, there’s a new bundle being offered. For a limited time if you purchase a new qualifying GeForce GTX 1080 or GTX 1070 (including GTX 1080/1070-powered notebooks and PC’s from select system builders), you can score a free copy of Watch Dogs 2 on PC. Check out the official bundle page here for more details on that deal. 

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