EVE online devs launch replica capsule into real-life stratosphere


CCP, the Icelandic creators of free-flying space MMO EVE Online, have launched an actual thing into actual space. Specifically, it is a replica of one of the game's capsules: tiny, defenseless pods that house your pilot and become your sole means of transportation if your ship unceremoniously explodes.

Okay, I'm journalistically obligated to burst your bubbles and say that the balloon-launched capsule only made it into the stratosphere, which isn't technically "space" proper. But if you have any doubt as to the awesomeness of this feat, check out the video below.

In addition to the camera that provided the footage above, the pod carried the names of all main EVE characters active as of December 31st, 2011. What's more, those crazy Icelanders want to attempt this again, using a scale model Rifter (one of EVE's lower-end frigates and a craft very near and dear to my Minmatar heart). "We just can't think of any reason not to do it, so we have decided to go for it one more time," boasts the project's blog . "We made it into the stratosphere last time around but we are sure we can get it even higher!"

Conspiracy theories that Goonswarm members had plannned to throw thousands of tiny spaceship figurines into the sky to destroy the capsule if it did indeed reach space are already rampant in the PCG office.