eBay UK has 15 percent off all day today with this coupon code

(Image credit: Wikimedia Commons via Steven Arnold)

You, like me, use eBay, right? Admittedly you probably don't use it to buy and sell comics featuring Batman's revealed genitals at a high mark-up to take advantage of hungry collectors, but you know what I'm talking about. eBay! Today you can save 15 percent off everything on the website, up to a £50 saving. Just use the code PRESENTS at checkout. You have to spend a minimum of £20 to get it. 

Handily, eBay has a dedicated computer components and parts section if you want to see what they've got on offer, but it might be worth just seeking out the individual item you're looking for and then using the code. Maybe you can knock some money off that RTX 2070 or SSD you've been eyeing. 

The full list of terms and conditions and eligible categories are here. If you've been looking for a saving on a new fireplace, you're also in luck. 

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Samuel Roberts
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