EA buy domains for Battlefields up to 20, release new screenshots of Battlefield 4

EA have popped down to the internet market and come back with a bumper bonanza of Battlefield dot-com domains, securing the series' main arm all the way up to Battlefield 20. They've snapped up addresses in the BattlefieldXX.com format, registering numbers 13 through 20. The publisher was already sitting on the domains for Battlefield 1-9.

While dot-coms for Battlefields 10-12 had already been snatched up by external third-parties, it's an easy fix for DICE:

  • Battlef10ld

  • Ba11lefield

  • Battlefield: Origins

Or they could just assume that most people will go to Battlefield.com, or even google Battlefield, regardless of the number, numbers, or subtitle at the end of the latest sequel.

What does this mean in real terms? Are we now forcibly strapped into an unstoppable tractor, ploughing ever increasing fields of battle? Well, no. Domains are incredibly cheap in the grand scheme of a publisher's operation. This is almost certainly a just-in-case pre-emptive measure. Although if we do ever get a Battlefield 20, who knows what the theme tune will have devolved into .

Rewinding back to the present, and two new screenshots for the definitely real Battlefield 4 have been released:

Thanks, Fusible (via VG247 ).