E3 2011: Id's Tim Willits on how Rage flies the flag for PC controls: "there are a lot of buttons"

Rage Thumbnail

Speaking to PC Gamer behind closed doors at E3 2011, id's Tim Willits has described how the Id team have resurrected classic PC control systems, rather than limiting the options available to a player for the console controllers. "The PC's going to be an awesome platform for it. There are a lot of buttons."

Rage doesn't follow the trend for letting you only carry two weapons at once. Instead, you can carry all your weapons at all times, and they're mapped to the traditional number keys. "We were kind of back and forth on whether we keep to four buttons that you map to your favourites," explained Willits. "But on the PC you've got a key for every weapon. And we follow the Half-Life control paradigm, where you can press the button twice to select the weapon."

I know it's the smallest thing to get excited about. But isn't that lovely . The PC version of Rage isn't available to play at E3; for that, you'll have to wait until QuakeCon.