DXRacer’s New Air Gaming Chairs Mark Major Step for Comfort

A man reclines happily in a DXRacer Air Series chair in front of a desk with a gaming computer. The room is lit with red RGB lights.
(Image credit: DXRacer)

From luxury gaming chair brand DXRacer comes an entirely new line of innovative and supportive chairs, the Air Series. With unique and aesthetically pleasing design technology, this chair aims to be the centerpiece of your home office, art studio or gaming setup.

A product shot of the DXRacer Air Series chair, featuring all of its modular attachments and where each can be placed on the chair.

(Image credit: DXRacer)

DXRacer Air Series is designed with customization in mind with modular attachments that can be added and removed at any time. These attachments include a footrest, a bracket for your tablet or phone, cupholders, and more.

A product shot of the Air Series chair. One chair is facing forward, and the other is facing back to the camera. Both show off the mesh bodies of the Air Series with white support frames and headrests.

(Image credit: DXRacer)

This chair has the same suspension springs you usually find in cars to minimize bumps and humps for a smooth ride within its steel frame. These springs help to provide extra support from hip to back, meaning you’ll still get to stay up to the wee hours without having to pay the lower-back tax the next day.

The DXRacer Air Series gaming chair is made of a cooling mesh in tandem with its innovative spring design. Sticky, peeling vinyl is a thing of the past for this chair, as the mesh not only provides needed ventilation, it also offers better support that can conform to your body without losing shape or strength and has a longer lifespan than foam counterparts. 

A detailed shot of the chair’s mesh seat, zoomed in on the texture of the mesh.

(Image credit: DXRacer)

The mesh of the DXRacer Air Series is breathable, skin-friendly, resistant and resilient, and made with the Earth in mind. The mesh is made from a blend of recyclable thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) and polyester. These materials reduce energy costs in its production, and make for a mesh that is cooling, durable, and resistant to every day wear and tear and from liquids.  When your chair is at the end of its lifecycle, the TPE in the mesh is completely recyclable for other uses.

Continuing its efforts for premium support, the Air Series chairs have dense, but soft, memory foam headrests. Encased in a soft, skin-friendly flannel, this memory foam is able to conform to the unique shape of your body and won’t lose shape or break down over time. The chair also features adjustable lumbar support and can recline to a 135 degree angle.

A detail shot of the DXRacer Air Series’ headrest. It is almost oval shaped, grey, and has DXRacer embroidered into the fabric at the top.

(Image credit: DXRacer)

But impeccable design isn’t all the Air Series has to offer. It’ll be right at home in your gaming retreat coming in multiple colors to match all of your gear, from black, to white, to pink, and even white and cyan.

And of course, there are optional chair covers to fit your aesthetics and protect your chair from everyday wear and tear. These covers come in all sorts of different fabrics and textures, and are machine washable. Many of these covers are made from high-quality PU leather, so they’re built to last and easy to care for.

A detailed diagram of the Air Series PU leather covers, showing how they can be put on or removed easily.

(Image credit: DXRacer)

The Air Series’ optional accessories are all about function, including cup holders, goosenecks for phones and tablets, and a retractable footrest. Everything you could need while you’re hammering out your next masterpiece (or just achievement hunting) can be right at your fingertips.

To secure a DXRacer Air Series chair for yourself, head on over to DXRacer’s official website and follow DXRacer on Facebook