Doom's single-player campaign around 13 hours, according to id


I've been thinking about the original Doom a lot lately, thanks to revealing retrospectives including Double Fine's exhaustive Devs Play, and that new Doom WAD John Romero released last month. You'll forgive me if I call the new Doom 'Doom 4' then, as it's current title is a little insulting towards a classic. The latest news about Doom 4 is that it won't feature a disappointingly short single-player campaign—according to id Software anyway. They reckon it will last you around 13 of your Earth hours, which would be a damned good length for any FPS these days.

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Of course, Billy Guns, the guy who finishes every game in under an hour, is going to complete it much faster, but considering how long I take scouring every inch of every level in games, I will probably end up taking even longer. Doom 4, by the way, is looking pretty fun, and mighty violent—here's a bit of game footage courtesy of Conan O'Brien.

Tom Sykes

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