Dishonored trailer explores entire mission and its multiple murderous paths

Dishonored's release is so close I can almost taste the sizzling whale-fat candles which conveniently fail to illuminate its sprawling levels. And just how sprawling they be! The latest trailer is one of those fancy branching Choose Your Own Adventure types, allowing you to poke through many, many permutations of the game's challenge. Will you choose to be the slinky staboteur or simply a massive ninjasshole?

But, be warned: being a pretty comprehensive extrapolation of a mission's multitude possibilities it's inevitably pretty spoilerific.

What did you do? I bet you did that thing with the thing, right? Gruesome. And these are just some of the manifold options that emerge from Dishonored's grab-bag (stab-bag?) of tricks. Watch out for our review in the wee small hours of Monday.