Deus Ex: Human Revolution items hit Team Fortress 2

Deus Ex Human Revolution in Team Fortress 2 2

If you pre-ordered Deus Ex: Human Revolution on Steam, your Team Fortress 2 backpack will now be bursting with some of Deus Ex's beautiful, high-tech weaponry. The Manno-Technology bundle has landed, adding Human Revolution themed hats, bionic arms and some slightly mad weapons to TF2.

Take the Widowmaker. It's a gun that you never have to reload . 100% of your damage is turned into ammo instead. Then there's the Short Circuit, a blaster that can damage rockets in mid-air. There's also a fantastic bionic arm for the Heavy. We'd like to see Valve make more mech parts so we can turn the Heavy into Gunther Hermann, one item at a time.

If you haven't pre-ordered Deus Ex: Human Revolution, don't worry. All the items in the Manno-Technology bundle can be found, crafted and bought from the Mann-Co store. Read on for pictures of all the items, and descriptions of what they do.

Tom Senior

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