Where to find The Quarry Lost Sector in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 The Quarry Lost Sector
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The Quarry is one of Destiny 2's oldest Lost Sectors, introduced during the Red War campaign. You wouldn't be blamed for not knowing where it was, especially since the Red War was vaulted and newer players don't have too many reasons to revisit those older areas, even if they do look very cool.

Except, that is, for when they're selected as the daily legend or master Lost Sectors. Completing these is the only way to get some of the new armour exotics and to guarantee yourself a certain armour type exotic drop. In this Destiny 2 The Quarry location guide, I'll explain where to find it so you can get on with your legend or master farm.

Destiny 2: Where to find The Quarry

The Quarry is located in the Sunken Isles area of the EDZ in the Cabal-occupied territory to the north-west of the map. It's right by the giant landed ship where you've probably been to kill Bracus Zahn during The Arms Dealer strike. The speediest way to get there is to fast travel to the Sunken Isles and then head just to the north of the ramp that leads onto the ship to find the cave mouth. 

As a daily legend or master Lost Sector, there'll usually be lots of players gathered around the entrance, so it's pretty easy to find. It'll also be marked on the map with the usual symbol of two curved lines and a dot.

If you haven't done a legend Lost Sector before, don't actually head inside, just activate the banner out front. Be aware, though, that your gear will be locked before you start it, so choose your weapons and mods wisely!

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