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Defense Technica announced, a tower defence game that looks a lot like a tower defence game

Kuno Interactive's Defense Technica is claiming to be "the next evolution in hardcore tower defense strategy games", something that seemingly means 'looks a lot like Defense Grid, only prettier'. Technica, too, features towers, robots, and a thing what you have to defend - but it also features "dynamic battlefields and weather systems", with terrain changes in particular supposedly requiring on-the-fly shifts in your strategy. It's an oddly generic game from publishers Devolver Digital, but at least it's responsible for another Fork Parker quote, which I've shamelessly stashed beneath the break.

“This country was built on the tenets of life, liberty, and tower defense with our forefathers giving their lives to defend high-tech cores from invading alien hordes. It's each gamer's civic duty to buy Defense Technica.” That's Devolver Digital's CFO Fork Parker speaking there in the press release.

Defense Technica is out on the 24th of October, though you'll find it on Steam now should you want to take a look at it, or if you're wondering whether your PC will be able to keep up. This is what it looks like in motion: