Cut down on cables with Corsair iCUE LINK

corsair iCUE LINK PC
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Cables are the bane of PC builder-gamers everywhere. Yes, we find creative workarounds to cable management, and buy desks with little cable cubbies and PC cases with secret compartments, but wouldn’t it be great if there could just be less of them to deal with altogether?

Corsair i-Cue LINK consolidates your Corsair fan, cooler, and case lighting into one single cable and System Hub. This, and all your Corsair devices—such as mice, keyboards, even Philips HUE lighting or Nano Leaf—can be controlled through the iCUE Software Suite, which let you synchronize and control up to 14 iCUE LINK devices (7 per channel, as ech hub as two iCUE connectors). Power and data packed into one clever, discreet little cable.

Ready to say goodbye to those tangles of cables and separate apps for your PC components? Check out the below list of iCUE LINK devices to start building your interconnected iCUE system.

corsair icue link cooler

(Image credit: Corsair)

The H100i-series coolers come in several different sizes to suit different builds (US link|UK link). All come packing the new QX RGB fans and split-flow copper cold plate to really maximise that cooling efficiency. All the wiring is hidden, giving the inside of your PC that seamless look every PC builder desires.

To give those coolers a bit more ‘flash,’ you can replace the RGB pump caps with custom 2.1” IPS LCD screens ($99.99|£84.99), which you can tweak to display real-time CPU temperatures, GIFs, you-name-it.

Or, if you just want to get your AIO liquid cooler with an LCD screen module built right into it, you can opt for the iCUE LINK H100i LCD Liquid CPU Cooler ($289.99|£289.99), which comes in both Black and White variants. 


corsair qx120 rgb

(Image credit: Corsair)

For general airflow, you’ll want a solid fan setup, and Corsair’s QX Fans—which come in 120mm and 140mm variants—have you covered, quietly spinning at speeds of up to 2400 RPM to keep that rig breathing. Every single fan can be clipped together, reducing the need for one cable per fan, and is packing 34 RGB LED each, allowing for immense customization using the Corsair iCUE software (and don’t miss the 'Time Warp' effect, which casts the optical illusion that your fans aren’t moving even when they’re on full blast).

You can buy the whole QX RGB Fan Starter Kit, containing three 120mm fans, for just $159.99|£96.99

corsair icue system hub

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 Unifying all the above is the unsung hero of this whole setup: the System Hub. A discreet little 2” x 2” device that magnetically attaches to the inside of your PC case, the Hub controls your ecosystem of fans and coolers. You can buy them standalone ($59.99|£33.99), but the great news is that if you buy an RGB CPU Cooler or QX RGB Starter Kit, the Hub comes included with them.

The iCUE LINK system makes PC building more accessible by simplifying some of its more fiddly aspects into a single seamless system. Building a PC should be a fun, creative challenge, not something to fear, and iCUE LINK is a setup that will make the process that bit smoother.

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