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Curious Expedition: Rivals introduces multiplayer and giant maps for free

(Image credit: Maschinen-Mensch)

Curious Expedition, normally a solitary adventure where you travel the world in search of treasure and glory, received a multiplayer update this week. It launched in 2016 and its sequel is currently in development, so a new mode for the roguelike is a nice surprise.

In Rivals, like the singleplayer mode, you'll slip into the boots of a 19th century explorer and set off to various distant locations in every corner of the globe in the name of science or maybe just personal glory. You'll head out on your ship with a stockpile of goods you've picked for the trip, and some helpers, and you might make some more friends when you reach your destination. 

As you explore the randomly generated, hexy maps, you'll need to keep your party happy and healthy, which can be hard when you're running low on provisions and being attacked and angry tigers. Luckily you'll come across villages who might let you rest, trade or even recruit a new party member, but you might also end up insulting them and being chased off. 

In the new mode, while all this is happening other players are also searching for the treasure. You won't be able to interact with your fellow explorers, but you're all in the race together. To fit all these competing players, the multiplayer maps are up to 10,000 times larger than the originals, and when you discover new regions, other players will be able to see your name and portrait, making them extremely jealous. 

The Rivals update is out now, and prospective explorers can also sign up for the Curious Expedition 2 alpha.

Fraser Brown
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