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Cross-platform MMO Lineage2M is just weeks away

lineage 2m
(Image credit: NCSOFT)

Lineage is one of the biggest names among MMOs today, delivering mesmerising landscapes, compelling combat and grand adventures to millions of players around the globe. Now, With Lineage2M, the series embarks on its boldest quest yet: a true multiplatform game for both PC and mobile.

We’re here to tell you all you need to know about the latest chapter in the Lineage saga.

The first thing that strikes you upon entering the wartorn world of Lineage2M is that it doesn’t feel like a mobile game, but a fully-fledged PC game that just so happens to fit on a small screen (as well as a big 4K one). With its seamless loading system, your exploration of its two continents will be virtually uninterrupted, allowing you to immerse yourself in its mysterious world. 

The original Lineage having come out way back in 1998, so developer NCSoft has been honing its craft for a long time, and understands the importance of offering the player the freedom to express themselves. That’s why Lineage2M introduces a flexible new class system that invites all kinds of experimentation.

The class you play will depend on your species and the type of weapon you wield. With five species and six weapon classes to choose from, the possible combinations are endless.

And if you want to branch out into different class paths, you can easily switch class at any point in the game, unshackling you from the linear levelling seen in most MMOs.

The questing system in Lineage2M is a little different too, moving away from the infamous MMO grind through its Oracle Quest sub-system, which diversifies quests and gives you big choices to make along the way. You find these quests at the Einsahad Statues located in villages throughout the world. These are vital to earning XP and money, and picking up buffs in the form of Einsahad’s Blessings, which will aid you in battle.

lineage 2m

(Image credit: NCSOFT)

Beyond the quests, there are formidable boss encounters throughout the world’s fields and dungeons, forcing you to work alongside and against fellow players to topple them. 

In the beta, players got to venture deep into a giant ant nest to take on the terrifying (though kind of beautiful) Queen Ant. Forget what you know about ants, this giant blue-winged beast will slice right through you with its Mantis-like claws, so come prepared, and come with backup.

The dangers of such an encounter are increased by the fact that rival clans will also be hunting these great beasts. So you need to organise your clan into groups to fight both the bosses and the rival clans, creating PvPvE spectacles of a scale rarely seen in games. 

And don’t worry: the rewards for winning these encounters justify the challenge of obtaining them.

If these tales of exploration and battle have already got you sharpening your steel, a quick word of advice: seek out a Clan, or found one yourself. 

lineage 2m

(Image credit: NCSOFT)

Building on the traditional guild system you know from other MMOs, Lineage2M has a deep clan system, with different assignable ranks ranging from Clan Master to Guardian Knights. As the clan levels up through shared exploits, that experience spreads to its individual members and ultimately lets the clan expand, rewarding those who play together for the greater good. 

Share tales or plan expeditions in the Clan Hall, and purchase new gear in the Clan Shop. Everything here is in place here for you to form powerful bonds with your fellow adventurers.

The great news is that Lineage2M is coming out December 2, and Android and iPhone users can already pre-register for the game through the Play Store and App Store.

If you want to join the game’s journey to full release, then follow Lineage2M on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. The latest entry in this rich MMO dynasty has arrived.