Control will be adding more graphics options in its next update

Control promotional screenshots from Remedy
(Image credit: Remedy)

Control has been out for a week, and it's probably the best showcase of raytracing in a game to date, with beautiful reflections, shadows, and global illumination all on display throughout your journey through the Oldest House.

Being that it's right on the cutting edge of modern graphics, it can also be pretty tough on most PC builds. Even users sporting the latest and greatest in RTX GPUs have reported issues with Control, from stuttering to straight-up black screens.

Remedy and 505 Games have posted a brief update to Control's official site, updating players on what the development teams are working on post-launch. 

The first thing they address are issues with RTX graphics cards, and for players having problems here they recommend updating Windows 10 to the latest build (at least 1903). You can check which build you're running by searching for "system information" in the Start menu search bar.

The developers will be adding toggle options for both motion blur and film grain in an update coming in mid- to late September, so if either of those have been giving you headaches, fear not—help is on the way.

They're also making fixes to Control's map.

"Our developers are working to improve how the in-game map loads to ensure that all the relevant info displays immediately and correctly, as it should," the update reads. "We’ll provide more info on this very soon."

There are no plans to add HDR functionality to Control, however.

"Moving into post launch, we prefer to use the resources we have to focus on future free content for Control like the Photo Mode," the update says. "We realize this may disappoint some players, but we hope the additions we plan to bring to Control more than make up for the absence of HDR."