Conqueror’s Blade’s 'Seize The Crown' update changes everything

For those who haven’t already been waging war over its impressive open world thus far, Conqueror’s Blade is a free-to-play blend of historical strategy and MMO featuring massive armies and epic sieges. 

There’s a bit of Total War about its bloodthirsty warlords and historical units - up to 1,500 of them chopping each other to bits in a single battle, in fact - but it all plays out in a persistent world where you join forces with other players, and fight in 15v15 battles. 

It’s the stuff of epic cinematic battles in scale, but it lets you get down into the granular details in your effort to best rival generals, picking your army composition from over 50 unique units, warbrands and siege machinery.

Player customisation is also a focus here. Conqueror’s Blade allows you to create your own commander specialized in 1 of 10 unique weapon classes, and deploy special abilities to brush aside lesser units and tip the scales of a battle. 

And right now, you have the chance to Seize The Crown. This limited time event brings a swathe of new rewards and weekly challenges, bestowing riches on players across 200 tiers of chests, currency, and season-exclusive cosmetic items via the new Battle Pass. 

These regal riches are earned by levelling your character, ticking off those aforementioned weekly challenges, and earning Glory by entering battles. The more Glory you amass, the higher your Nobility ticks up, and the more rewards fall into your bloodstained, chainmail-covered lap.

(Image credit: MY.COM)

Some rewards can be unlocked free of charge, but other reward tiers will require you to purchase the new Battle Pass for 1,000 Sovereigns from the in-game store in order to access them. 

Generals hellbent on ascending through all tiers and hoarding every season-exclusive cosmetic item can check their progress by selecting the golden chalice icon over on the left of the main menu, or hitting F5.

As for what’s on offer, with this being a royal-themed seasonal event there’s a host of extravagant armour and barding ready for an emperor - or indeed and emperor’s horse - to don, and a selection of ranged and melee weapons from blades and spears to pistols and bows, all drawing inspiration from the medieval finery of the time and ensuring your character will stand out from the crowd.   

Weekly challenges draw out the map for how to attain those rewards. In a given week, the number of rewards scales with the number of feats you complete, such as defeating 30 melee units in sieges, defeating 50 archers in field battles, or absorbing 10,000,000 damage in field battles. Who couldn’t do with some shiny new armour after going through that? 

There’s an absolutely vast scope to Conqueror’s Blade which isn’t analogous to any single other medieval tactical title. Outside the epic battles are further strategic wrinkles to involve yourself in such as property ownership, trading, technology trees, building, and upgrading kingdoms. It’s the kind of game to get lost in, and the latest seasonal event update knows it - the more you play here, the more you’re rewarded with trinkets fit for a monarch.

The Seize The Crown seasonal event’s available to new and current players alike, and new players who sign up via the link below earn themselves a free Hwacha arrow launcher!

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