Complex roguelike Caves of Qud is getting non-roguelike and exploration modes

Caves of Qud
(Image credit: Freehold Games)

The difficulty of a learning curve will no longer be a barrier to those who want to experience the deep, complex, multi-threaded science fantasy histories of Caves of Qud. Freehold Games developer Brian Bucklew has shared via Twitter that an upcoming patch will include Roleplay and Wander modes, both aimed at a more casual way to experience the world of Qud. 

Roleplay mode will allow checkpoint saves at Qud's settlements, letting you restore to that point should you fall afoul of a dimensional predator or cackling band of hyena-people in the wastes and dungeons of Qud. 

Wander mode, meanwhile, will also have checkpoint saves but will alter some of the game's behaviors. The player will be neutral to most creatures that aren't inherently aggressive, and won't get XP for killing, but will get a lot more XP for discovering the world. The player will also get more XP for performing the water ritual, a complex greeting and introduction among the cultures of Qud: "Live and drink, friend."

These stand opposed to classic mode, where death makes you lose your character and start over. It's a pretty good idea, honestly, because I expect that the many deaths required to learn Qud's ins and outs are a putoff for most people. Once you've learned the world via Roleplay or Wander, you'll probably want to try out some of the wildly diverse character builds available. Like having 12 arms. You might just go back to classic mode to add some stakes to that.

Don't add more arms though. You'll already have plenty of those.

Jon Bolding is a games writer and critic with an extensive background in strategy games. When he's not on his PC, he can be found playing every tabletop game under the sun.