City of Heroes hits 7th anniversary, releases data on player behavior in fun infographic form

COH info graphic_thumb

42 million characters have been created in City of Heroes since it launched in 2004. Scrapper are the richest characters in-game, on average. It would take over 3,900 days to play all of the content in the game, including player-created missions.

Knowledge is power, and we just made you three parts stronger. You can thank us later. Of course, if you crave more data about City of Heroes (subsequently increasing your overall power in a general, abstract sense), you'll want to check out the infographic below. City of Heroes is turning 7 next month, and NCSoft put together this collection of data bytes about CoH's statistics and player behavior to celebrate it.

As a bonus prize, from May 3rd (next Tuesday) through May 10th, anyone that has a City of Heroes account will be able to play the game for free--no active subscription required. So if the nuggets of info intrigue you enough to want to give the game another shot, feel free to do so next week with no commitment required!