Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update adds more Spec Ops missions and multiplayer modes

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
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A chunky update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is out today, introducing new Special Operations, along with a Classic Spec Ops mission, more multiplayer modes, and assorted tweaks and bug fixes. 

The new Spec Ops missions are Harbinger and Brimstone, while the Classic Spec Ops roster gets the Door Kick mission. Also new to Classic Spec Ops is a rating system based on how long it took you to finish the mission, along with accompanying rewards. These are XP and MP unlocks and are determined by your star rating. 

In multiplayer, there's a new playlist, Realism Moshpit, which includes Domination, Hardpoint, Headquarters and Kill Confirmed. Gun Game, the free-for-all mode where players get new weapons as they get more kills, is also returning. It wasn't introduced until Black Ops, but it's shown up in every game since, including Modern Warfare Remastered.

The update also includes some tweaks to weapons, the infantry assault vehicle and perks, like fixing Spotter, which wasn't marking certain things in FFA. Other notable changes include the ability to see through smoke with thermal scopes and being able to disable the spawn camera in private matches. There are also some PC-specific improvements, which you can check out below. 

  • Added an option to hide Friend requests and Party Invitations
  • Several fixes to prevent crashes and improve stability
  • Fixed an issue where the boot up sequence volume would be too loud
  • Various keybinding adjustments
  • Players are now able to back out of the Gesture and Spray Wheel by clicking anywhere
  • More fixes to prevent hitching/stuttering during cutscenes
  • Fixed an issue where the Main Menu music would not play when users activated the Skip Introduction Movie option
  • Fix for an error that could occur when attempting to manage a party
  • Multiple fixes for different Aspect Ratios on various menus/screens in the game
  • Fix for a bug where the XP Token shortcut key would also open Nvidia Highlights feature simultaneously (Now on "F" key)
  • Fix for a bug where some achievements would appear as completed even though they were

The update is available now. Check out the full patch notes here.

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