Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 trailers blast four major cities

At the end of last week, an enormous Modern Warfare 3 leak spilled a megaton of plot and character information onto the web. Activision have decided to roll with it and release four Modern Warfare 3 teaser trailers over the weekend. They show attacks on four major cities in England, America, Germany and France, and include a short message from the game's central villain.

Infinity Ward dev Robert Bowling broke the news of the trailers on Twitter , admitting that the leak had taken Infinity Ward by surprise.

"Wasn't planned, but you're clearly hyped, so here is the 1st of many Modern Warfare 3 videos coming in hot today!"

And here they are. Each one features the voice of Modern Warfare's big baddie, Makarov, speaking in Russian. VG247 translate the words as “One… will destroy the enemy's hope for victory.” More is set to appear soon on the new Modern Warfare 3 Facebook page .

Tom Senior

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