Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare sales down almost 50 percent on Black Ops 3

"Infinite Warfare itself has so far disappointed me with its campaign, though I do hope it gets better," says Tyler of the latest Call of Duty in his review-in-progress. Expect his final verdict once he's had more time with Activision and Infinity Ward's space-flung FPS (we didn't receive code ahead of time), however it's safe to say certain aspects of the game have so far left him wanting. He continues: "The multiplayer feels fine to me, but as I write there are half as many people playing Black Ops 3 as Infinite Warfare."

That last part is important because, despite topping the UK charts this past week, launch sales of the latest COD offering are down almost 50 percent on last year's series instalment, Black Ops 3. That's according to GFK Chart-Track, who pegs the year-on-year difference at 48.4 percent. 

"There is no Xbox 360 or PS3 version this time round, although even comparing just PS4 and Xbox One; sales are still down by 43.6%," says a statement on the GFK site. It is however worth noting that behind FIFA 17, Infinite Warfare has been this year's biggest launch—a feat all the more impressive given the recent release of genre similars Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2.  

As you're probably already aware, owners of Infinite Warfare are privy to Modern Warfare's Remastered edition—and it seems developer Raven Software has humorously acknowledged a well known map glitch from the 2007 original. As shared by Reddit user DaJeroen, and pictured above, a wet floor sign now stands where players could inadvertently skip outside the map and reach a mounted machine gun. 

User HairyFishFace speaks for a generation when he or she says: "Sorta gutted they made it so you can't... used to love glitching out of the map and finding the hidden [machine gun] as a kid."