Bejeweled 3 is out, PopCap throw living room launch party

PopCap tea party

World of Warcraft players will be celebrating the release of Cataclysm tonight with an international series of glamorous midnight launch parties. PopCap have taken a cosier approach, hosting the Bejeweled 3 launch party in somebody's front room, with a fine selection of tea and biscuits.

Attending the event was a cross section of casual gamers, including "a Women's Institute secretary; a granny; a Welsh librarian; a glamorous banker and a trendy dad." The group was picked as a result of the outcome of a survey of 2000 gamers, which suggests that the average casual gamer is "a 45 year old mum called Sue".

Bejeweled 3 is out today. You can find more information about the game on PopCap's site. For Bejeweled's exciting origin story, have a look at our interview with PopCap's John Vechey . Meanwhile here's a trailer showing some of Bejeweled 3's new game modes in action.

Tom Senior

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