Beeswing out "in a few weeks", new trailer shows off beautiful rural Scotland setting


Jack King-Spooner's promising Beeswing hit its Kickstarter target at around this time last year, and a new trailer reveals that it's nearly ready for release. The handmade (ie its characters/environments are made out of watercolour paintings, drawings, clay and the like) adventure/RPG will be with us in just "a few weeks", giving you time to catch up on his considerably weirder previous games in the meantime. (Will You Ever Return and the Sluggish Morss games would be my picks.)

This one's set in the titular town of Beeswing in rural Scotland, while its top-down, story-focused non-action is inspired by Earthbound, Zelda and To The Moon. Quoting from the Kickstarter, it's "a story about the past, about community and childhood, attachment and growing up", and as you've probably figured out already, its illustrated jumble art style is just lovely. Beeswing's shaping up to be a lot more heartfelt and, for want of a better word, sensical than King-Spooner's previous titles, a direction I'm pleased his games have been heading down lately.

I wouldn't expect to see Beeswing on Steam, so keep an eye on his page if it takes your fancy.

Tom Sykes

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