Become a hotel tycoon in Cities: Skylines' final expansion

After eight years and dozens of add-ons and DLC packs, Cities: Skylines has released its final expansion. 

Hotels & Retreats lets you build various types of vacation getaways, from hostels to cabins to tall, shiny luxury hotel towers in the hopes of boosting the tourism industry in your favorite city. Take a peek in the trailer above.

And you don't just plop these hotels down and then forget about them, you're also the hotel manager. Place a hotel based on the location, like cozy cabins in the woods, a mountain lodge in the hills, a deluxe hotel downtown, and even a floating hotel (boat-tel?) on the coast. Choose a logo, set the prices, plan events like conferences and conventions, and try to grow your one-star dump into a profitable luxury resort chain. There are 15 hotels and a handful of other tourist-attracting buildings like restaurants, parks, and cafés in the expansion, along with five new maps to build on.

Should the mayor of the city be running and profiting off every hotel chain in town? Uh, probably not! But it still looks like fun, and it's not like we all haven't razed a subdivision of homes in order to build a football stadium, right?

This is the final expansion for Cities: Skylines, which isn't a surprise since we're on the brink of Cities: Skylines 2, due out sometime later this year. Maybe now that the original game is finally wrapping things up we'll get more concrete details about the sequel soon. Until then, Hotels & Resorts will run you $8 on Steam

(Image credit: Colossal Order)
Christopher Livingston
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