Battlefield Hardline patch will address five "priority issues"

Battlefield Hardline

It's been a month since Battlefield Hardline released, and the first big update has yet to come—but it is in the works. The upcoming patch will (hopefully) improve stability and clear up the "top five priority issues" that have been identified by Hardline players.

Those issues, as detailed on, include fixes to Punkbuster to address the heavy CPU usage experienced by some players; Nvidia DirectX driver fixes that will help eliminate crashes; extending the length of Conquest matches; fixes to TDM spawns; and various weapon balance tweaks. The patch will also include miscellaneous fixes for the most common crash problems, and will see the addition of the "Rent-A-Server program" for all console platforms.

"If your favorite fix isn’t listed here, don’t despair—just remember that fixes will always run behind community sentiment," Lead Multiplayer Designer Thad Sasser wrote. "We’re still working hard every day to improve the gameplay experience to make Battlefield Hardline even more fun."

A more detailed list of the coming changes can be found in the Battlefield Hardline patch notes, posted on the Battlelog forum. There's no word on when it will be ready.

Andy Chalk

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