Battlefield: Bad Company to become TV show, scripted by Alias writer

Deadline are reporting that Fox are going to develop an "action comedy" TV series based on Battlefield: Bad Company. Writing duties will fall to John Eisendrath, one of the pens behind Alias and, among other things, Beverly Hills 90210. Also in the mix are Sony TV and Adam Sandler's production company, Happy Madison.

DICE's Patrick Bach and EA's Patrick O'Brien will also be sticking their oars in, but, to hear Deadline describe it, the plot will depart from the games', with the four loveable rogues choosing to escape military life and head into the private sector, only to be betrayed and hunted by their nefarious commanding officer.

It's sort of an odd IP to pick up given that a) they seem to want to make The A-Team instead, b) most people play Battlefield for the multiplayer and b) the enjoyably silly but perfunctory singleplayer plots were a rather brazen amalgam of film and TV influences in the first place: everything from Three Kings and Aliens to Larry the Cable Guy.

As to whether this heralds the return of the troublesome foursome to gaming, DICE have been evasive. The question was put to Lars Gustavsson during a recent live chat to celebrate Battlefield's anniversary.

"Last we heard from the misfits in Bad Company was a postcard in June from Bahamas where Haggard and the group had opened up a beach bar," he said, before adding, "will keep you posted... ;)"