Battlefield 1 zeppelins can turn into psychedelic disco tornadoes

It's the week after Battlefield 1, and many have spent the weekend frolicking around battlefields, shooting baddies and crashing tanks into things. Others have been up to less conventional things in the WWI shooter though, such as witnessing impromptu zeppelin discos in the sky above.

This Imgur video (via Kotaku) is the best example of the phenomenon: when those hulking sky tanks are ablaze, they seem a little bit touchy. As the ruins collide with an intercepting plane, the fiery husk turns into an apocalyptic spinning top.

It's not an isolated incident either: YouTuber Wactical Tank saw an even more spectacular and dizzying example.

It's not a gamebreaking glitch by any means, but it's certainly not meant to happen. The thing is, I think I'd prefer if it did continue to happen. It's nice, don't you think?

Battlefield 1 launched last week, and apart from a DDoS attack which affected EA's servers for a while, it's gone off much smoother than Battlefield 4 did. Phil Savage published his review on Saturday, calling it "the best game in the series since Bad Company 2".

Shaun Prescott

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