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Sponsored Post: Vindictus character spotlight - Lann


In Nexon's new action MMO Vindictus, characters are synonymous with classes. There will be three different characters to choose from when the game launches in Europe, and we're going to be taking a look at them one by one.

Today it's the turn of Vindictus' slash and stab merchant, Lann, the dual wielding dervish.

Lann is Vindictus' rogue class, a fast but vulnerable fighter capable of dishing out rapid damage. He specialises in dual wielding, taking on enemies with a pair of swords or, more improbably, a pair of spears. This speed comes at a price however, and Lann is only able to equip light armour early on, learning how to use heavier armours as he levels up.

Spear wielding Lanns are capable of some of the highest DPS output in the game, but lack the handy utility and crowd control moves of the twin sword variant. A well played swordplay Lann is an incredibly slippery target, hard to pin down and capable of dictating combat through his combos.

Key Skills

Slip Dash - One of Lann's most functional abilities, slip dash replaces the default dodge evasion move with a rapid slide that more befits such a speedy character. The real bonus it adds though is that it makes Lann briefly invincible during the move, making it the ideal get-out-of-jail-free card. Several of Lanns combos involve working in a well timed dash, making it essential to using the character well.

Thousand Needles - Thousand Needles does not at first seem that impressive, but once it has been levelled up a little, around rank 9, it shows how useful it can be. It allows you to perform a series of fast strikes without knocking enemies down, quickly racking up damage, before finishing with a powerful area of effect attack. A must for crowd control situations.

If you like to be fast, elusive and deal a lot of damage, you'll be wanting to play Lann. You can find out more at the Vinductus Website .